Brinsea Maxi 2 Advance Ex Incubator

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The Brinsea Maxi II has very good breeding results. The plastic also has a Biomaster antimicrobial additive, which reduces the risk of unexplained failed outcomes.

The Brinsea Maxi II incubator is the bigger brother of the Brinsea Mini II incubators. Brinsea Maxi 2 Advance Ex Incubator. The Brinsea Maxi II Advance EX is almost identical to the Advance EX version of the Brinsea Mini II.

The Brinsea Maxi II Advance EX is a fully automatic incubator with a digital control system, an automatic turning system and an integrated automatic moisture module.

The Brinsea Mini II are small, high quality, egg incubators combining ease of use and all-round visibility making them ideal for hobbyists, teachers and small scale breeders. Available in Eco, Advance or EX models the 3 versions of the Mini II give a wide choice of convenience, sophistication and budget but all provide the essential environmental control necessary for successful egg hatching.

In fact, the Mini II Eco with proportional electronic temperature control and manual turning can hold up to 10 hen eggs and is an ideal entry level incubator or hatcher. The popular Mini II Advance 7 hen egg incubator with Brinsea’s fully digital control system includes programmable automatic turning with count down to hatch day and autoturn stop, accurate control and display of temperature and alarms.

Humidity Control on Brinsea Maxi 2 Advance Ex Incubator

However, humidity is a crucial factor in successful hatching and the EX version with its integrated pump puts accurate automatic control of humidity in the hands of breeders of valuable and hard-to-incubate eggs. Both the Eco and Advance versions have convenient external water top-up so it is never necessary to lift the lid which is essential during lock down!

Egg handling

In the manual turn Mini II Eco eggs just sit in the base of the incubator and will need to be turned manually at least twice a day. A semi-automatic turning kit is available part #B07GXVYFD6. In the fully automatic Advance and EX versions eggs are turned by rotating egg disks. Two disks are available, one for 7 eggs of all sizes up to duck and a second for 12 small eggs up to the size of pheasant.

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