orange winged amazon chicks

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Amazon parrot chick. Contact us for more info. Pick up or Same day delivery.

orange winged amazon chicks for sale. Contact us for more info. Pick up or Same day delivery.


We have chicks ( baby birds ) available from 9 weeks upward. Let us know the age you willing to purchase.

Habits and Lifestyle

Orange-winged amazons are strictly diurnal and active at early morning and late in the afternoon, often in mixed groups with other Amazona species. A very social species, always found in pair or in large groups. In the daytime, pairs are usually seen flying high between roosts and feeding places. These parrots are noisy, conspicuous, and very gregarious, gathering in large flocks at communal roosts outside of the breeding season. They make loud screams on arrival or when leaving the roost, first gathering in nearby trees before perching for the night to roost, often many hundreds together. The numbers at the roost decline during the breeding season. They often are found high up in trees or in the canopy. When not feeding, these birds, like other parrots, chew bark or wood to keep their beak in good condition, being their main “tool” for eating and for climbing around branches. An Orange-winged amazon utters a wide range of squawks and whistles while it is perched. When flying they make a shrill and high-pitched “kee-wik…kee-wik…kee-wik…kee-wik”, and also a repeated “klee-ak”.

orange winged amazon chicks

Orange-winged amazons are monogamous and form life lasting pair bonds. The breeding season varies, depending on the location. They are solitary nesters, and their nest is a hole high in a tree. 2 to 5 white eggs are laid and incubation is for about 21 days, just by the female. During the day, the male stays near the nest, roosting at the communal roost at night. Both parents feed the chicks, which fledge when they are about two months old. Young reach reproductive maturity when they are 3 to 4 years old.

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