Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots

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Double yellow-headed Amazons are beautifully colored parrots with a jocund disposition. Their waning numbers in the wild have necessitated that the pet trade is limited to captive-bred individuals.


Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots. Double yellow-head amazons are very intelligent, affectionate, and have a fantastic speech capacity. Like all Amazon parrots, these birds like to be in the middle of attention. Thanks to their high intelligence, these birds will test the boundaries, especially with in-experienced bird handlers, so experienced bird owners are recommended for owning one among these parrots.

The double yellow-headed Amazons have been kept as pets for centuries and is highly regarded as a companion bird. Let us now delve into the details about how to care for a pet double yellow-headed Amazon.


When hand-fed from a young age, these birds can be affectionate pets. They’re intelligent, have remarkable “speaking” ability, and they love to be the center of attention. However, problems may occur when an owner is unwilling or unable to give the parrot the attention it demands.

Like many parrots, double yellow-headed Amazons may go through a hormonal bluffing stage as they approach sexual maturity (age 4 months to 1 year). They can become aggressive and may lunge and bite at people during this phase. The bluffing behavior can last for several months (and sometimes up to two years). If you have small children who will be interacting with the bird, it may be better to choose a different species if you plan to get a young or adolescent parrot

Speech and Vocalizations

This species is the best mimic of all the Amazon parrots and is second only to the African gray parrot in its ability to learn words and phrases.Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrots.

It is also a noisy, boisterous bird, prone to screaming sessions twice a day, at dawn and dusk. These loud vocalizations are normal for this species. Screaming can become a problem if the bird screams all day long, which can happen if the bird is bored due to a lack of attention or mental stimulation.

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon parrots Colors and Markings

As its name suggests, this bird has a yellow head; the rest of its body is green. There is a ring of white around the eyes, and the beak is horn-colored. In young birds, the head includes some dark gray, but gradually, the crown becomes steadily more yellow with each molt. In young birds, there are small areas of red on the shoulder. The adult head color does not fully set in until the bird is at least 6 years old. The ratio of yellow may gradually increase as the bird ages.

Males and females look the same. To tell them apart, your bird will need genetic testing or surgical sexing procedure.

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